Things happen in Estepona. It is a municipality that is on everyone's lips, "up and coming", a star shot. The stretch between San Pedro and Estepona city has not been given the name, The New Golden Mile, for no reason. This is where many choose to buy a home.

A number of interesting real-time real estate projects in contemporary style, a wide range of golf courses, the majority of famous beach clubs, the beautiful mountains and the views of Gibraltar and Africa's mountains, make many investors point to Estepona. The biggest reason, however, is the city, which immediately makes people feel well at ease.

Estepona is the city with peace

Estepona is a town that is right. The pace, atmosphere and supply are just right. Here is everything you need to live and live well, but without stress and hesitation. In recent years, much has been invested in the culture and there are several small museums, impressive façade paintings and Europe's largest Orchidarium (botanical garden) - the crown of the jewel on the municipality's project plan is turning into the garden of Solstice. In the old town, the outdoor seating is crowded along the pedestrian streets lined with white-washed houses, adorned with prickly flower pots. The multi-kilometer seafront offers natural quality of life, several nice playgrounds, Spanish beach restaurants "chiringuitos" and salt baths! In the harbor the fish sells today's catch, every Sunday is marketed and with a view of the crashing boats, you can have both an English pint and a plate of calamares fritos all year round. Estepona breathes peace and vividness in just the right balance. The perfect place to have a home for those seeking peace abroad!

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